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The Fifth World

Jacob Foxx

Copyright Jacob Foxx 2011

Published by Electronic Sound and Print, Inc.

Smashwords Edition


It is a question we have all asked ourselves. It is only natural that we have fears, that we wonder: Is this the end of the world?

My People vanished not long ago. They were among the oldest on Earth. Like many of the oldest civilizations, they had a great wisdom about this world and those who came before it. They understood that history is the study of cycles, not progress. Humanity rises and falls. They also understood the power of prophecy. Many have prophesized the end of the world. However, eschatological prophecy is not about predicting the future or giving humanity time to prepare. It is a warning of what will happen when humanity deviates from its path. In this one way, all prophecies are alike. When humanity deviates too far from the path, there follows a great cataclysm. For the world to be purified of evil, a disaster of immense proportion is needed to remove all institutions that have fed humanity’s decadence. It is a tradition spanning numerous civilizations through millennia. To return to the path, we must endure great destruction. Humanity has had to endure such destruction in the past, and we will endure it again.

Let me explain: my people believed humanity has inhabited several worlds. The earliest humans lived in the First World, Tokpela. It was a beautiful world and bountiful. Mankind lived a blessed and enlightened existence. As creations of a higher being, they had a dual heritage. Each was a member of an earthly tribal clan and also a citizen of a great universe. The First People understood this for a time, living a pure and happy existence.

As time passed the First People lost touch with their divine heritage. They became selfish, seeking only bodily pleasures. They became divided and suspicious, and they made war on one another. Worst of all they sought to be masters of their universe, beginning with the world of Tokpela. Their crooked ambition and betrayal of their divine heritage led to their downfall. The spirits decided the First World needed to be destroyed. They searched among the different peoples for the few still faithful. Those few were protected under a giant mound while the spirits brought about destruction.

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