However, as Ashley watched Rick’s back flex while he cooked, he decided that he was ninety-six percent sure Rick wasn’t a killer. Four-percent was a minimal risk, and Ashley’s gut told him Rick was a genuinely nice person. Ashley couldn’t help his thoughts though, and they were scattered all over the place. One second he wondered why they weren’t naked yet, the next he was back to serial killers. Ashley didn’t know why he was so jittery, probably something to do with being in an unfamiliar situation. They’d already fucked and now Rick was inviting him over for the night and cooking for him. It seemed intimate, and Ashley wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

He knew that just sitting there and watching Rick wasn’t helping; he needed a distraction. They hadn’t really talked since leaving the bar, other than Rick asking him if he liked French toast. Ashley, of course, had replied that it made him salivate just thinking about swallowing a big, warm mouthful of that delicious goodness. Saying something slutty was his default response when he was nervous or unsure of himself, especially around someone he found attractive. And he found Rick more than attractive. He was fucking delicious, but Ashley still couldn’t hold back his abrasive retorts.

“I don’t cook.” Ashley decided it was best to get some stuff out in the open. He wasn’t sure where Rick wanted this encounter to go, but in case they did somehow develop a relationship, he wanted everything on the table from the beginning. It avoided arguing and miscommunication down the road, assuming this lasted longer than a night. “I mean, I can cook, but I choose not to, it’s too much of a hassle. Everything worth eating can be nuked in the microwave, and it tastes just as good.”

“That’s okay, I can cook,” Rick looked over his shoulder at Ashley, “Maybe you can …”

“I don’t clean either,” Ashley cut Rick off before he could offer the ‘I’ll cook, you clean’ compromise. Attempting to be a little more accommodating, Ashley added, “I’ll load the dishwasher, but I don’t scrub anything.”

“I was going to say maybe you can make up for not cooking with other skills, but if you don’t clean either…” Rick shrugged and just left that statement hanging, insinuating that Ashley’s “other skills” wouldn’t make up for his phobia of common household chores. As if!

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