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The air turned cooler as the sun slowly went down. Paul and his three closest friends decided to hike up the New Hampshire Mountains. When the Abenaki Indians lived on the mountains long ago, they called the mountains ‘Ndakinna’ meaning “our land.”

The main mountain that Paul chose to climb was hidden deep in the middle of the White Mountains. It’s been chill-fully known as Dark Mountain. The shadowy peak earned its name from town’s people living at the edge of the mountain, who were inspired by the absence of sunlight on the northern side. Abutted by two other mountains stretching high into the sky, the ensemble resembled a baby in its mother’s arms. Dark Mountain, it’s been said that it holds the most vicious curse in history.

It’s said that the evil curse had been cast upon any man who put their hands on the Ancient Emeralds, would die a frightening death. No one knows when the curse was made, or why the curse was done, or if it’s even real?

The newer generations of the town’s people are unaware of the evil curse, but some of the older townies remember, or perhaps will never forget and they fear it will once again be awakened as it did twenty five years ago April Fools Day.

Paul’s mother told him the story of the evil curse, how the Indian’s owned the land, and how the Ancient Emerald’s were the eyes of the Dark Mountain Phantom. He never believed his mother’s story but he always remembered the tale, but he wanted to explore the mountain anyway just to see. She told him many have hiked the mountain, and many have never returned. The eerie feeling Paul got every time he thought about the mountain, made him more and more anxious to go.

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