The Gold Watch

by Rik Hunik

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Copyright 2013 by Rik Hunik

A slightly different version of this story originally appeared in Crimson Online Magazine #13, 2000

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Chapter 1

The late-morning sun broke through the clouds and tried to melt the snow. Less than an inch had fallen overnight but it was late September in the year 1866 (Pete wasn't sure of the exact date) and up here in the Cariboo mountains there was a good chance this snow would be here until spring.

Pete, his pack on his back, hiked around a corner of the creek onto a wide gravel beach. Wet charcoal in the center of a circle of melted snow indicated where a fire had been last night. A trace of heat lingered in the burnt wood and there was a rectangular patch of bare ground nearby, where a tent had been pitched in the shelter of a boulder, but nothing had been left behind.

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