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Praise for Rebecca Balcárcel's chapbook, Ferry Crossing:
“ . . . the opening poem is breathtaking -- as well as what follows.” -- Naomi Shihab Nye

Advance praise for Palabras in Each Fist:
“ . . . powerful emotional honesty . . . These poems are riveting and unforgettable, leaving the reader redeemed through the acceptance of self, radiant in the 'bright holiness of now.'” -- Larry Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate

Palabras in Each Fist
by Rebecca Balcárcel
Copyright 2013 Rebecca Balcárcel
Smashwords Edition

Palabras in Each Fist by Rebecca Balcárcel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
You may copy, share, and even include this work in your own creations, provided that you give credit to the poet and do not earn money from the sale of her work. Please purchase additional copies if you use more than a class set of four poems. Ask permission for uses beyond these by contacting the author. Thank you!


The author expresses appreciation to the following magazines in which these poems first appeared:
North American Review: “Kitchen Clock” and “Guatemala”
Muse Squared: “Christmas Performance” and “Shoes”
Clockwatch Review: “Ferry Crossing”
New Texas: “For a Son” and “Ophelia”
South Dakota Review: “Crepe Myrtles”
Sacred Journey: “Watching Two-year-old Twins Eat Watermelon,”
Ilya’s Honey: “One Time, a Girl”
Kaleidoscope: “Tympanogram at Three Years”
5AM: “Teeth”
Amarillo Bay: “Visiting Tía”
Red River Review: “Against The Wall”
Handmaiden: “Questioning the Flood”
Langdon Review: “Ay, Yolanda!,” “Boy Picking Flower,” “Christening” and “Ave America”
3rd Muse: “Illiterate”
Descant: “Shoe-shopping”
Diner: “Interrupted While Reading”
Many thanks, too, to Trilobite Press for publishing the author’s chapbook, Ferry Crossing. A few poems from that chapbook also appear in Palabras in Each Fist.

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