Ruby smooched with Kristoff, and he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.



One cold snowy night, Ruby was out looking for blood, she went into the forest and down the slope that was called “the death trap”, she was only wearing her canvas shoes, so she could not walk very well, and her feet were freezing cold. She could hear her mothers voice in her head saying:

“Buy sensible shoes”

She ignored this voice and carried on walking. The ground was slippery with the mud, and it looked like melted chocolate. There were high up in the tall trees, and she could hear them calling and see their big dark shapes.

She felt quite scared, but tried to be brave.

Suddenly, she could hear footsteps behind her, she felt inside her rucksack for her wooden crucifix and yanked it out of there quickly.

She turned round, holding it majestically above her head with both hands.

It was only Kristoff, he shrugged and said “Could you lend me some money for a can of coke please, I’m a bit short.”

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