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Ryla St. John, copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

New teacher Gage Hollis has a rough first day when one of his students catches his eye. High school senior Alyssa Dawson makes it her mission to drive her new teacher crazy, but then he turns the tables on her. Gage wants more than just a few nights of passion. If she won’t agree to date him, she will never get more than a kiss from her handsome teacher, and their forbidden relationship will die before it has a chance to begin. Alyssa is determined, but she might have finally met her match.

Chapter One

Gage quelled his nerves as the earliest of his first-period students started trickling in, about three minutes before class was ready to start. He had arrived early to get everything in order and knew he was as ready for his first day as a teacher as he would ever be. He just hoped none of his new pupils realized he was so anxious. Would he make a good impression? He wanted the kids to like him, but not too much. How would he strike the right balance between nice guy and demanding teacher?

Hoping his training would instinctively kick in, he turned to the blackboard to write his name in block letters: MR. GAGE HOLLIS. Below that, he wrote History of World Civilizations. By the time he’d written all that, the final bell had rung, and he had no further excuse not to turn around and face his first classroom as the teacher, not just a teacher’s aide or intern. Blotting sweaty palms on his khaki slacks, he faced twenty-six pairs of eyes, hoping he could be an effective teacher for most of them.

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