How Do you Do It, Mr. Sullivan by Jill Behe

They Came from Somewhere: The Little People by Elsa M. Carruthers

Zachary Taylor the Best of all Time by Jay Wilburn

Laurel Wistian and the Adventure of the Dangerous Mice of Dr. Mortimus Alexander Fitzbottom, PhD, AlcD

Starring Theric Jepson

Laurel Wistian refused to be called “Miss” Laurel, which set all her professors on edge. Particularly since it was well known that her family provided the university with the massive Wistiana Endowment shortly before her birth, providing income to run both the Agroästronomy Department (which Wistian money had founded a decade earlier) and the College of Engineering. The faculty also well knew that her father in particular was none too happy with her rebellious turn into the School of Journalism.

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