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By JT Pearson

copyright 2013 Joseph Pearson

Smashwords edition

The moon which had been swimming in a sea of ominous black clouds, peeking out only occasionally throughout the evening, finally abandoned the two women and the baby that were traveling the highway, and a downpour, in such proportion that it seemed that God Himself was washing something unseemly from the world, began.

“You ought to put her back in her car seat, mother. It’s getting worse. I can barely see the road now.”

The rain punished the path before them, their headlights turning everything a violent white, a million drums on the roof and hood. Phantom images imagined because of the conditions and the time spent behind the wheel caused Darcie to swerve from objects in the road that weren’t even there. She was on pins, her eyes as wide as she could get them, and when her high beams came across a pack of coyotes on the road fighting over something dead she nearly turned the car into the ditch. Perhaps it was some sort of warning, an omen for Darcie, her mother Tammy Lyn, and her five month old daughter, Katie, who was sitting carelessly in Tammy Lyn’s arms.

“Mother, did you hear what I just said? Put her back in her car seat! That little girl is the most important thing in the world to me! She’s mylife!”

“Stop screaming, Darcie. You’re just upsetting her. And don’t you realize that you’re my life too?”

Darcie didn’t answer her mother.

The subtext of Darcie’s comments whenever they argued, which was often, always condemned the job Tammy Lyn had done raising her children. Tammy Lyn had chosen to drink in excess and take drugs most of her adult life. She hadn’t planned on being Darcie’s mother, let alone twice, when Darcie’s brother Roger came along later. She was guilty of her past. She had been a terrible mother to Darcie and her brother but she couldn’t change any of that. She was just trying to do a better job now.

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