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The best thing about positive living is that you have an endless opportunity to practice it. You can start again and again, day after day, despite all the woes and troubles life throws your way. Take a few moments each morning to set up your positive mindset by thinking of good things you want, great things you have and be sure to thank your God for all good things you have received. In addition to being thankful each day, ask for help. Ask for help in overcoming your problems as well as for achieving your wishes and goals. This helps to create that positive mindset for that day and can be the difference between having a ho-hum day and an excellent experience.

The following pages of this book will help to guide you on your mission to practice positive living, thinking, winning, selling and writing. Even if you are not a writer by trade, writing is an important part of this recipe for maintaining a positive attitude throughout your life. You can keep a daily notebook, a diary or a journal. The form doesn’t matter; the practice of writing down your positive aspirations does make a difference and can help you achieve more. It amounts to making promises to yourself, being a forgiving person to yourself when you fail or fall short of the goals, and it will help to guide you along your positive path of living. Reading your notes from time to time can also help you measure your success. You will be able to see if you are constantly staying on the same path of failure or if you are improving along the way. You incorporate the use of more bodily senses when you are writing, seeing and reading your words, and that will increase the impact of your notes. Start now; get a pencil or pen and a notebook or paper, or keep electronic notes on your computer.

Positive Thinking

The Master of Positive Thinking

Rather than restate what others have said on this topic, I would refer you immediately to the granddaddy of all thought about positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. He lived a happy life to the ripe old age of 95 years, and his best seller, The Power of Positive Thinking (1952), should be one of the first other books you read. Start it today; it is available everywhere! Once you have done that, you will be better able to understand the remainder of all other books about living a positive lifestyle, including this one.

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