Genderswapping the Babysitter

Sofia Bane

Copyright February 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Whee!” shouted Sarah as I swung her over my head. “The couch, Luke! Throw me into the couch!”

I’d been babysitting the kid for years – Mr. Price lived only a few blocks from us, and as a single dad working long hours as a scientist, he needed someone reliable to look after Sarah during the afternoons. She was eight now, tall for her age, and still loved rough-housing. So we were a good match.

“The great and fearsome He-Man,” I announced in my pro wrestling voice, “is about to bodyslam the brave Rainbow Queen! Do you think she can take it?”

Yes!” squealed Sarah, giggling and squirming in my grasp in anticipation.

Do you think you can take it?” I roared.


I swung her downwards, bodyslamming her carefully into the couch cushions, to her delighted shrieks. And at that moment, Mr. Price swung open the front door. “Dad!” Sarah said, her voice muffled against the cushions. “Luke bodyslammed me!” She wriggled from under my grasp and ran to him.

“Did he really?” Mr. Price scooped up his daughter and swung her around in a hug. “Hey, hon, want to show me what you did in school today? Art class, right?”

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