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Key #1: Know Thyself

Key #2: Develop A Spiritual Connection That Nurtures Your Soul

Key #3: Develop A Positive Attitude

Key #4: Make Relationships Top Priority

Key #5: Develop A Positive Support System

Key #6: Do Not Buy In To The Negative Media

Key #7: Take Care Of Your Physical Body

Key #8: Manage Your Finances

Key #9: Embrace Technology

Key #10: Be In Service To Your Community

About the Author


First, foremost, and always, I must acknowledge the energy and intelligence that created and is still creating this amazing Universe. This energy and intelligence I choose to call God, and without question it is the source of my creativity and passion, and I acknowledge it as my Source.

To my Source, I simply say thank you!

Thank you for the courage to pursue my dreams and the persistence to bring them to fruition. Thank you for teaching me to listen to my own inner wisdom, which I now recognize as your still, small voice within me. Thank you for the gifts of writing and speaking, which allow me to share my insights and knowledge with others to support them in connecting with their own inner wisdom. And thank you for the vision of a united humanity in which every human being awakens to their true essence and discovers their own individual gifts and talents and uses them to make the world a better place.

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