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Obstacle Run Training Guide



Optimal health is available for anyone who chooses to follow a natural lifestyle that incorporates exercise, whole foods and stress management. The consumption of nutrients, the air you breathe and the intellectual interactions you have all contribute in both a positive and negative way to your health. Training for any type of physical activity demands quality of these three elements to ensure your fitness at the time of the event and to prevent injury. The following Training Guide is intended to help you achieve your fitness goals in a natural, healthy way.

As with any exercise program, consult your doctor before starting. If you have any conditions or health concerns that restrict your diet, or your physical ability do not begin this plan without the approval of a medical professional. Please remember that this is a general guide and will have differing results between people. Always work at your own pace, slowing down or modifying exercises as needed.

Obstacle runs require strength, stamina and flexibility to be completed without injury. Often times multiple terrains will be crossed, there is a very different impact on the body when running over grass, sand, asphalt, cement, water, mud etc. The exercises provided will help you to increase your strength, flexibility and stamina to cross all types of terrain.

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