The Degree

My Bitter Sweet Pursuit of Education

Look at the mountain, acknowledge it is there

Then see yourself beyond it by all means possible....

It may involve digging a tunnel through or shovelling it... if you can!

All things are possible if you believe.


I walked out of that office in a myriad of thoughts, for this was the last thing I had expected to happen to me. As a private student, I had to pay more that one million shillings in tuition plus examination fees a year which was no doubt a lot of money for my father to afford – additionally there were five more sisters in lower secondary and primary schools that my dad had to pay school fees for. Even though I loved my course very much, there was no way for me to continue masquerading as a government sponsored student for the two year duration of the course but my mind never stopped working, trying hard to find a solution. After considering several options which mostly came as flashes in my mind, I suddenly felt strongly about immediately going to see the vice principal who had been working on my case.

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