There were some 30 men in the Christian Brothers’ Monastery and twelve nuns in the Convent of the Irish Sisters of Charity. However, I have not listed these good people as they were not native to Baldoyle, rather passing through as part of their ministry. To include them here would tend to distort somewhat the statistics, especially marital status, of the local community. However, I have included these residents in two separate tables at the end of the census analysis for those who may wish to see details of these 46 people.

Where I have been able to throw additional light on an entry I have added such information. Such additions are italicised. At the end of the extract I have summarised the principal occupations listed, as well as the frequency of surnames where more than six persons of that name are recorded in one or a number of dwellings.

For those who may wish to compare the 1911 Census with the 1901 Census, may I recommend the book by Marie Keogh on the latter census which will provide excellent data. Marie’s book was published by The Genealogical Society of Ireland.

The 1911 census in Baldoyle was enumerated under the guidance and direction of Constable John Brady who has signed each of the declarations.

Michael J. Hurley, Baldoyle 2013

Copyright © Michael J. Hurley 2013.

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