Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets and Parents is a very well-written practical guide to preparing for most conceivable disaster situations. We are somewhat casual preppers since we live in an area that is prone to being snowed in and we have lost power for days at a time, so we have planned to be self-sufficient for upward of a week. Having read a lot of books on prepping, some with very bad advice, we have put together strategies for staying in our house and another if we should have to leave for an extended period. This book is an excellent starting place for those beginning to think about prepping, and there is quite a bit here for even experienced preppers.

The book addresses preparing to meet your basic needs of food, water, shelter, heat, and personal protection. It then provides advice for surviving most conceivable disasters, including natural and unnatural (man-made) varieties. I particularly like the “before, during, and after” event approach that will be useful to those living in areas with a higher probability of experiencing a specific disaster (earthquakes in California, winter storms in my region, etc.). The sections on pets, elderly, and disabilities makes this worth having for me since those are concerns we have to deal with in planning our preps.

The advice in the book is fairly solid and avoids pitfalls of giving advice on contentious areas like firearms (mentioned, but not in depth) and only touches lightly on political issues.

Like all books of this type, you really do need to read it before you need it!

Highly Recommended!

C. F. “CFH” Hill

Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, Top Reviewer Ranking, 12

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