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Torm's Barn

By Kevin Winters

Copyright 2012 Kevin Winters

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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The side of the barn exploded. Torm wasn't very happy about that, for he rather liked his barn. But what was he, a mere non-magic using human, to do about it? Things always seemed to go this way when he had his brothers over. Both of them, Bran and Luzen, were rather adapt magic users, and had even been accepted into the Grand Academy for Wizards. Not to mention they were among the top percentage of students. Torm hated them for those reasons.

The two brothers, twins actually, were always at odds with each other, competing over everything that could be competed over. And as was the way with wizards, magic was the primary medium of competition. Torm was just thankful that the roots of wizardry ran so deep in their bloodline that they were almost immune to magic.


"Gods blast it, you two!” Torm shouted “If you're going to sling spells then do it outside! That last spell singed little Timmy's hair and almost burned his face!" He hoped the two fools would see reason and stop their castings, or at least do it elsewhere.

"Bah! It will help him build character!" retorted Bran. "Besides, he shows more magical casting prowess than you. Being around magic and taking a few spells will help him get used to the arcane arts.”

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