Mary Furlong, Ed.D., Dean’s Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, Author and Speaker.

This is a story of creating extraordinary results. Silverado Senior Living is about living to our fullest, knowing “and” is more powerful than “or” -- just as love is more powerful than fear. Any leader exploring how his or her organization can achieve more will find this easy-to-read story of innovation, courage and conviction to be inspiring and useful.

Vance Caesar, Ph.D.

This book describes the philosophy and heart of the Silverado approach. The organization has developed a model for the care of the cognitively impaired that is being copied worldwide. It balances the needs for safety and independence in a way that is difficult to understand unless you see it yourself. The concept of community at Silverado is well described in this book and so are the motivations and approaches utilized by its leadership in the entire organization. This book is very useful reading for families of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias and for everyone caring for them.

Joe W. Ramsdell, M.D., Division Head, General Internal Medicine; Professor of Clinical Medicine; Professor of Pulmonary; Director, Clinical Trials Center, University of California, San Diego

Magicians rarely reveal the secrets of their ‘tricks’, fearing we will lose our enthusiasm for what they have done. Some people’s endeavors seem ‘magical’ to onlookers, who see them doing things that seemed impossible. In the past 10 years I’ve had many occasions to watch the ‘magic’ of Silverado’s residential communities, home care services, and hospice services. Each time I’m amazed at the results but I’ve always known they were from beliefs and actions that any of us can grasp and practice. In this volume, the secrets are revealed and it will hopefully bring others to demand and to create the same quality of thought and care for people with memory-impairing disease. The book offers guidance to both the mindset and the programs that will change their futures — and ours.

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