Bipolar Manic Dash to Accomplishment-A Challenge

Jon Van Loon

Copyright 2013 Jon Van Loon

Smashwords Edition


Anyone who has had the misfortune to live through the antics of a seriously bipolar family member will understand the misery involved, so this book is dedicated with love and apologies to my loving wife Maureen of 52 years who bore the brunt and provided help and of course to my children Lisa Melissa and Jon Jr. who were also forced along for the bumpy ride. It is also dedicated to others with Bipolarity who might find this volume to be helpful.


A “dash” is a strong term implying vigorous action. In the context of this book the dash to accomplishment is to convince those, who like myself, are somehow severely handicapped that their problem is a challenge as opposed to an impediment. Many stories exist where handicapped people have excelled in life and I salute these, but I believe that many more could. In fact it is my view that a handicap can actually be a stimulant to encourage a performance in life that will be well above average. When a person is presented with the realization that they have a built in, intellectual, physical or mental impediment one of two things can occur, either resignation to some supposed limitations will be made, or a toughness and strength of determination to succeed can by activated. My strong conviction is that the latter could be more commonly the case.

By telling my own sometimes, bittersweet, mostly driven, often amusing, (The manuscript is peppered with amusing stories from my bipolar life), nonlinear, story and views, I want to demonstrate that even the most seemingly unachievable goals are not only achievable but can be exceeded. That is not by any means to belittle a disability or to suggest that the handicap won't lead to dismay. That was why I used the term “nonlinear” to describe aspects of my own promised tale. Why should I dare to compose such a compendium considering the thousands of other successful disabled people in this world? Perhaps it is because I feel a little unique in that I have more writing experience than most. As will be seen, the mere fact that I am able to write is the attaining of a goal which many, who have been sideswiped by life like I was, could not do.

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