My Best Friend's Son - Part Two: Bathing My Boy... by Daniella Donati

Part two in the erotic short-story series My Best Friend's Son about taboo desires, forbidden attraction, and sexual betrayal.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or to other works of fiction, is purely coincidental.

The author specifically disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book.

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My Best Friend's Son - Part Two: Bathing My Boy...

After my first time with my best friend's son, Daniel, the floodgates of my desire truly opened. I knew that the intensity of that first night was not down to just regular physical attraction, but something deep and primal in both of us, namely his love of being mothered and my innate longing for a son. All that desire, plus the natural fuel of lust, meant fireworks. I could tell at first that Daniel was trying to play it cool, like it had just been a little fun between us, another cougar notch on his bedpost. But my female intuition told me that he'd be back soon, that he would be craving what I could give to him, that alluring cocktail of sexual pleasure and maternal affection that I knew he found irresistible.

His parents were going to be away for a few weeks yet, on some business venture, and so I was just left biding my time, knowing he would get back in touch, it was just a matter of when. I suspected that the nature of our rather Oedipal lovemaking must have raised some inner conflicts in him, maybe a repressed attraction to his own mother, after all Nina was a very attractive woman. The resemblance between us had not gone unnoticed, either. Anyway, whatever the reason, it was getting on for a fortnight before I got a text from him saying he'd split with his girlfriend, and could he come over to talk. Naturally, I replied in the affirmative, and was dressed to kill in black stockings and heels by the time he turned up.

He looked pale and nervous as I opened the door to him, but his expression changed as he found himself eye level with my prominent cleavage. "You better come in Daniel.." I said, and he entered looking flustered, which amused me somewhat. "You look like you need a drink darling....are you in a state?" I asked, enjoying getting to be maternal so soon. "Oh I'm alright thanks....still just a bit raw after the split with Monica..." he said, his voice quivering a little. I nodded understandingly and poured him an Amaretto without him asking. I handed him the glass, and he took a swig after quickly sniffing the contents. "Was it not a good split hun?" I enquired, ushering him to sit down next to me on the sofa with a soft pat on the velvet cushion.

"It was so not a good split...she confessed to having slept with Ben Stanfield, he's like king of the jocks...a total asshole...and she chose him over me.." he said, looking downcast. It was the right moment to place my arm round him, and did so, saying soothingly "You are too good for her Daniel...I told you she was a cheap tart...didn't I?". He nodded and took another swig from his glass, mumbling "Yes...yes, you did...".I could tell he was really cut up and feeling a little delicate, so I slowly and gently ran my fingers through his hair, almost whispering "You are a gorgeous, intelligent young man who will find someone as wonderful, its just a matter of time...but you are young, you should just enjoy yourself for now...".He looked up at me and said "Well....I know I haven't told you...but I did really enjoy that night with was amazing...but I've been avoiding coming here, what with my mom being your best friend...".

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