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The Epic Tale Of A




Queen Myra pushed her dark, waist length mane over her smooth, flawless shoulders, combing the bodice of her gown in one deliberate and delicate motion. She bent forward, and gathered into each, a handful of heavy, mauve colored cloth. Lifting ever so slightly, so as not to wrinkle her beautiful new evening gown, she eased the purple material up only as far as was necessary to reveal her meticulously polished black evening slippers.

Gracefully, she began ascending the towering stairs that grew out of the high gloss of the wooden floor of the massive foyer in which she had just stood passing out explicit orders to a staff that was now scattered. Taking the stairs, with the grace of a ghost, Myra moved upward, daintily touching each of the narrow strips of the now faded patterned carpet that was positioned just at the edge of each wooden stair. Moving around the bend in the structure, she glanced over her exposed shoulder and down at the huge entrance way that she had just risen up and away from. The abundance of freshly picked flowers dotted a wide, open space with a bounty of color whose aroma lingered delicately on the early evening air. With the huge, white candles already lit in the elaborate iron sconces, that hung every three feet or so on the towering gray walls of the great hall, the space below her was alight not only with the sputtering glow that they produced, but also from those that were hung on either side of the large, framed doorway that was the great dining hall just to the left of the foyer. Beyond that doorway, Myra could see several serving girls, hired from the sparse villages that were dotted about her massive Kingdom, setting to the task of preparing the long, dining tables with the delicacies that would be served out on the lawn throughout the evening. Behind her, Myra could hear the quiet chatter of the staff she had, but moments ago, prompted to finish the last minute details of the night that was all but upon them. A smile creased her lips as she watched for but a moment at the business of the servants that raced both hither and fro, attending to those orders that she had only just demanded they complete. A hollow chortle crept out of her being as she turned back to the remaining flight before her.

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