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Special thanks to my wonderful Beta Readers: Willsin Rowe, Jenn McCoy, and Jessie Stockton. Without your help, this book would not be what it is today.

A special thanks also goes to Catrina Barton, my “Become a Character” contest winner. She helped inspire the character of Kitara. Catrina, I hope you like where your inspiration took me.

And finally, a big thank you to my awesome editor, Shar. Thanks for always being there to put the shine on my manuscript and answer my dumb questions.

Chapter 1

“Again,” Nicholas commanded. He lowered his stance, setting his feet shoulder width apart, and glared at his opponent.

His sparring partner, Alyssa – a little redheaded vampire he’d taken under his tutelage – panted heavily, clutching a dagger in her right hand. The blade, a four-inch razor-sharp piece of steel, was the crux of Nicholas’s concerns. Alyssa had yet to deliver even a scratch with it. Even after weeks of working with it, he saw no progress. It seemed, if possible, that she was getting worse.

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