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It was another morning of breakfast at some restaurant that Jorge had invited Meñin, his friend from out of town. It wasn’t that Jorge didn’t frequent girls; it’s just that he hadn’t found purpose in doing so not to mention the resources of time and money courtship took, especially for men like him who were not considered so desirable by any standard. The fact of procuring Meñin seemed to make of the relationship look like a homosexual one; at one time Jorge thought Meñin had stopped frequenting him, because his family thought since neither had a girlfriend they were probably dating each other. Jorge was upset at this, regardless of what people thought, how could Meñin care about what other people thought? I thought he was smarter and better than this.

Over breakfast we talked about his big plans of going to study to The UK for his PhD in Education. He had obtained his Master’s in The US, and the true reason he wanted to go abroad again was to marry a foreigner. He would get upset when I told him this, but I had no evidence to think otherwise, as no results from his travels abroad had resulted in his work as a teacher in Mexican public schools. Not that I blame him, but he also hardly ever talked about his educational experience. He would talk about Katherine, a girl who he dated in The States whom he wanted to marry, but she called it off. He had plans to see if he had better luck with a British girl.

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