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This is the Smashwords.com edition. Although this will be formatted by the automatic file-conversion process used at Smashwords.com, I did try to keep it as is.


Author’s Note

I wrote this at the end of last year. So, take that for what you will. I’m not really sure what I write is ever better than anything else I write. To me, they are all just stories I’m allowed to see and share to the best of my abilities. If you enjoy it as well… cool beans.

Shall we begin?


The blow landed with a heavy thud. She staggered backwards but as I thrust forward, her blade pushed mine aside. Pushed me aside. It was luck alone that kept me on my feet. My feet felt so heavy as I turned to follow her. My eyes burned. Sweat. Blood. Mud. Lack of sleep. A combination of the four. How much longer could it last? As long as it did I guess. I couldn’t lose, too much depended on it.

It was nearly dawn now. The wind was as dead as my friends, my allies. So many dead. I raised Nightstar to block the incoming blow. The impact thundered through me. My legs buckled. My head hurt. The sky seemed so peaceful when I looked up at it. Why did it have to come to this? Another blow. Another dull clang as I blocked it out of hand. My eyes drifted down to the body I had stumbled over.

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