Don’t Touch

Elise VanCise

ISBN: 9781301802944

Don’t Touch

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Chapter 1

The holiday season had arrived in Florida and the weather finally decided to act like winter. Ryan pulled the sweater a litter tighter as the wind picked up. Being a native to the Sunshine State it was cold to her. She spotted Susan Denton smoking with her short sleeve scrubs barely chilled. Yankee cow. “Hey Susan, you’re freezing me to death. The least you could do is pretend to be cold.”

They shared a laugh then Ryan asked, “Need a ride home?”

The other woman put out the offending cigarette. “Your blood’s too thin Cracker. I’ll take that offer, my car is down again.”

As they hopped in the car Susan called her husband and let him know she had a ride. Dropping her phone in her pocket “He says thank you for letting him stay in his warm bed. You ready for Christmas? I’ve still got tons of stuff to get for the kids.”

Ryan smiled feeling kind of grateful she didn’t have that problem yet. “You spoil them too much. I only have my sister left; she’s one of those that have everything. I have no idea what to get her.”

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