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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Birth Odyssey

Chapter 2: Birth Is a Human Rights Issue

Chapter 3: Drugs in Labor—A New Hope

Chapter 4: Baby's Choice

Chapter 5: Hands-On Care

Chapter 6: Jan Tritten

Birth Odyssey

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Editor's note: This editorial first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 58, Summer 2001.

Nothing is more important than the motherbaby relationship. The experience of growing a little person inside of you, nourished and fed by your own body and blood, is precious. These days we realize that our baby is also nurtured by our heart, mind and spirit.

I love being a mom. Even though I have had the privilege of getting to do some really special things in my life, from a 35-year marriage, to being a homebirth midwife, to founding and working on Midwifery Today and even traveling for Midwifery Today-I still say the most wonderful role God allowed me was to be a mother. I have loved every stage. I loved when my children were being born, I loved when they were babies and teens, and now I love experiencing them as young adults. I enjoy my own changing role in their lives. The joy of mothering never goes away but deepens and grows as my children mature.

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