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The Inventor’s Fortune Up For Grabs

“From a personal and professional point of view, I wasn’t able to put it down. The humanistic aspects of the story carried the momentum of the entire book. The Inventor’s Fortune stands as a testimony of the importance of helping clients identify, and then accurately document, the outcomes they desire for their family.”

James R. Graham


Greenberg|Graham Advisors LLC

“I found it to be a well-written, entertaining and fascinating story. I particularly liked how it was constructed: John’s explanations of the legal issues helped ground Suzanne’s more personal approach to the story. As a result, readers gain greater insight and context, which helps to better understand the complexity of the case.”

Richard Conroy

Executive Director

Essex (CT) Library Association

“This story is a more-than-readable demonstration that unlikely justice is sometimes achievable. All it requires is a willingness to challenge foregone conclusions. Of course, it’s also helpful to apply a healthy measure of tenacity, teamwork, generosity, devotion to fairness, and an uncanny ability to promote cooperation and reason.”

Lew Treistman

Acting Rhode Island State Medicaid Director, Retired

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