The Gift

Written by Jerry Sorenson

Published by Gerald Sorenson at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Gerald Sorenson

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I had a feeling of sudden acceleration, passing by shadows of reflected light; slowly coming to a stop, I stared in awe—radiating brilliant shafts of light reaching high, like fingers stretching upwards to infinity. The light was emanating from a group of dome-shaped crystal spheres, with gracefully curved, transparent tunnels attached, and a large half moon-shaped structure suspended above them, looking like a halo, the glow and prism of colors were so inspiring.

I could feel the presence of others; we were all luminescent beings, it was so beautiful. Closing my eyes I let my mind drift—complete peace filled my entire being. Feeling a difference in my surroundings caused me to open my eyes, revealing a surprise to me. I found myself now inside the suspended dome. There were others like me; some seemed to be watching the action inside the two other domes below, some kind of sorting process with others like us.

I became vaguely aware—there was no sense of time—thinking briefly of where I had been, and where I was now, finding myself unconcerned about the past and wanting to stay. There was no fear or pain, only warmth and fantastic love. At the moment, amazingly, I couldn’t remember the impact, only that it had been a nice day. As I reflect back, I find myself pondering how “the gift” has affected my life and what I may do with it. Yes, some gifts are unwanted, but once received they cannot be returned.

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