Energizing Wholeness

With the Sangre de Cristo

Our Mission Statement for this class series:

  • We dedicate our efforts to the development of skills in Energy Medicine that will sustain a focus on health and its maintenance, instead of disease and its treatment.

Welcome to this class.

This is a simple class, but because it is simple does not mean it is not powerful.

You have no doubt heard the expression: Less is More. That expression applies in many instances, particularly with regard to holistic approaches, and this is one of them. There is a Zen-like, mystical quality to that rule when invoked during energy therapies. Energizing Wholeness with the Sangre de Cristo is a picture of efficiency because you never use more effort than is needed to effect an action.

How many of us have watched athletes or dancers in motion and marveled at the streamlined nature of their movement? With less effort, they accomplish more. With little effort you will be amazed at how much will be accomplished by the simplicity and elegance of the procedures of Energizing Wholeness.

Complexity of theory often interferes with attainment of simple goals of health replenishment. Occam's razor, a rule of approach in Philosophy says "the simplest explanation you can find for something is probably the truth". Astronomy uses a similar rule when attempting to plot the orbits of planets and stars. Modern, quantum physics draws closer every day to the simplest, most elegant explanation for all phenomena in the Universe - a Unified Field Theory.

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