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Justin Teaguely Adventures

(The Early Years)


Theodore A Henning II

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Theodore A Henning II


Justin Teaguely had been described as slow, mediocre, wayward and unruly. He could be the kid next door. Some might say his lack of success in grade school could be attributed to early ADD. His curiosity about everything and nothing in particular gave him purpose. Truth be told, there was so much going on within his adolescent psyche only immaturity held him back. Genius lurked in the recesses of Justin’s mind. Given time, Justin would convert weaknesses into strengths. And, upon any lingering attention disorder he would develop unique, multi-tasking abilities. This dramatic change began after he reached his thirteenth year. An encounter with an eccentric old man set him on a new course. The Pledge he had given, regarding buried Japanese treasure, would eventually liberate him from his past and assign to him new descriptive epithets. Who is Justin Teaguely? What follows are some of his escapades. Taken together, they form a glimpse of the ever-challenged, ever-emerging young man.

Justin Teaguely Adventures (The Early Years) take place in the Midwest during the 1950’s and ‘60’s. A suburban, somewhat rural community in northern Illinois provides the backdrop. Justin’s adventures begin practically at birth and progress throughout his adolescence and on into his teens. Although presented more or less chronological, there is a zig-zagging across the years that takes place as the adventures unfold. This affords us a clearer vantage to understand, ‘…to where he is going, from whence he has come.

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