There comes a harrowing time in the history of every great nation when its people are given a chance to become legends. The actions they take in that moment will save their nation from its greatest peril or curse her to it. Most will shrink from the moment, but a legendary few will seize it—ascending to a high and honored place in their country’s pantheon of national heroes. Our founders entered that realm when they rose against British tyranny. And now, whether we like it or not, our time to become legends has come. The federal government is bankrupting America and only we have the constitutional power to stop it!

Our founders knew there would dawn a day when our government would become destructive of the ends for which it was created. When that occurred, they believed that it was our right to alter it. Accordingly, on a dark night more than 200 years ago, our founders crafted a powerful weapon that could be used for just that purpose. Then, in an instant it was gone, lost to the sands of time. And there it would remain, until that day when a desperate generation like ours rediscovered its epic power. With it, we can save America from the economic self-destruction our government seems bent on.

So how bad is it? Today our nation is over $16.75 trillion in debt, or nearly $150,000 per tax-payer! That’s up over 50% since 2009, despite an economic downturn in which a responsible government would have made the politically difficult but necessary budget cuts. Instead, our politicians have taken the easy way out by borrowing more than a trillion dollars each year to continue funding popular government programs that we can no longer afford. This is a treacherous political gimmick which will only backfire. As the loans dry up over the next decade, we’ll be forced to raise taxes on a massive scale, or slash spending across the board, compromising defense and reducing crucial benefits for over 100 million Americans who rely on government programs.

The pathetic lack of courage displayed by our politicians in dealing with this crisis has stripped them of the moral authority to lead. While their power is still technically constitutional, it has been permanently tainted. Their refusal to address a mortal threat to our economy is inexcusable and has undermined our economic future as well as our form of government. The founders based representative democracy on the trust between the representative and those whom they represent. Once that trust has been compromised, so too has representative democracy!

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