When the kids got bored, they did bad things. There was Johnny White. He was sort of the leader, but really nobody was much of a leader. The boys consisted of Johnny, Willie, Paul, and James. They were the Greasers.

What we doing tonight?” asked James.

I’m taking Janet to the drive in,” Willie said. He slicked back his hair and lit a cigarette. Willie hoped to get lucky.

She putting out?” asked James.

She will,” Willie said.

Where are the boys?” James grabbed a cigarette from behind his ear, and lit up. He exhaled smoke into the night sky, and watched it disappear.

They’re coming later. I can get you guys in the movie,” Willie said.

I don’t know. Your old man’s trunk reeks of shit. When is he going to get a nice ride?” asked James.

He’s a tight son of a bitch. Ever since Mom left, he’s been paranoid as ape shit,” Willie said.

I hear Janet has a pussy like a bucket,” James said.

She’s a prude. I’ll pop that cherry tonight,” Willie said.

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