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Transplanted Love

Kent checked the address he wrote down before leaving work on Friday. Over and over again he told Skip the party wasn’t necessary.

When Skip told Kent about his dinner companion, he inwardly groaned. Although he didn’t voice any opinions aloud, Kent couldn’t help but wonder what kind of girl didn’t have a Saturday night date in her own hometown. “She must be a real dog,” he said aloud, as he parked his car. “Oh well, Kent old boy, make the best of it. How long can a dinner party last?”

He picked up the bouquet of flowers and got out of the car. By the number of cars parked along the street, Kent decided he must be the last to arrive.

Once on the porch, Kent rang the bell. Almost as soon as he took his finger from the button, Skip opened the door.

“I thought you were suffering from cold feet. Come on in, everyone is here.”

“Everyone? Even the mystery woman?”

Skip nodded.

From the doorway, Kent could see two women standing at the table. “Which one is she?” he half whispered.

Skip began to smile. “She’s the brunette filling the water glasses.”

“You’re kidding,” Kent replied, unable to take his eyes from the woman meant to be his dinner companion. He judged her age to be twenty-six or twenty-seven at the most. Her hair was dark, almost black and yet the color of her eyes surprised him. Even at this distance, he could see they were light rather than dark as he might expect. Her face was full, although her body didn’t appear to have an ounce of excess fat.

Kent followed Skip as he made the necessary introductions. Although Kent exchanged pleasantries with the others in the room, he found he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering to the brunette.

At last he finally stood in front of her. “Kent Saunders,” Skip began, “this is Lorinda Carter.”

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