Gail Gets It Good

by George Boxlicker

Copyright 2012 by George Boxlicker

Smashwords Edition

Gail Green is an 18 year old hotsy with blonde hair down past her shoulders, a student at a well-known state university and a highly enthusiastic member of the cheerleading squad there. She loves cheering on the nationally ranked basketball team while they are on the floor, and she loves even more cheering them on after the game is over. Recently, Gail’s team won a home game against one of their main conference rivals, and the players all felt good about what they had just done on the floor. Gail felt good too, about that and about what she intended to have one or more of them do with her after all the interviews by sports writers and other post-game activities had been completed.

She waited by the exit which she knew would be used by the players to get to their cars in the parking lot. The first man to pass her was white, and strictly a bench warmer, so she ignored him, even though he ogled her sexy body in the blue and white cheerleading uniform and greeted her in a friendly manner. She was waiting for something bigger, in every sense of the word. A minute later, Gail got her wish, even better than she could have hoped for.

Three men, all black and all prominent members of the team were approaching in a group. She recognized Jason Crowley, a senior and the point guard and, right beside him, was Kwame Ali, the seven foot tall center from Africa. The third man was Jim Jackson, a combination small forward and shooting guard. He wasn’t usually one of the starting five, but he played in every game, and Gail would not hold against him the fact that he had begun that night on the bench.

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