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Dealing with Demons

By Rick Field

Published by DYK Publishing

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Rick Field

Dealing With Demons

By Rick Field

Humans were idiots. How could they not be? Humans had the greatest gift in all of creation, and they squandered it, ignored it, abused it, and in the end, sold it for some measly trinkets, power, or some arcane (or not so arcane) knowledge. Humans had a soul, the gift of free will. And they didn't even realize it.

Stupid, ignorant humans.

I closed my eyes, trying to let the feeling of anger slide off my broad shoulders, down my muscular back, into the ground through my tail. I could never get over the fact that humans were so incredibly stupid. Easy to take advantage of, easy to seduce, and oh-so-easy to swindle out of their most precious possession. It should have made me happy.

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