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Chapter 1 – “She’s a knock out!”

It was five thirty when I looked at the clock on my way out the lobby of the “W” Hotel heading to the Tonic bar for happy hour.  The Tonic bar is one of my favorite hangouts when I am in New York City on business or pleasure.  The drinks are healthy thanks to Kelly may favorite bartender, the food awesome, kick ass music, lots of projection TV’s showing the latest sports events, and hot ladies.  

People were flowing into the place after they were scanned by Pauli a massive bouncer of the place. 

Hey Pauli” I said. 

Hey Mr. Austin” he said in a heavy New Yorker accent giving me a high five.  I tipped him a ten spot in his top pocket.

Thanks Mr. Austin  You da man”. 

Nah, you da man Pauli” I said pointing at him as I walked in to the bar.  

The place was kickin’ it as usual.  The music was pounding out a generous mix of hip-hop, pop, rock, and soul.  The Knick’s game was on one of the main TV screens.  Kelly brought me my usual drink well spiked with Jack Daniels. 

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