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Budding Love!!

By Nishigandha Omanwar

Copyright 2013 Nishigandha Omanwar

Smashwords Edition

Budding Love #1

He loves her a lot. She too loves him with her whole heart. They are living a happy life with each other exploring each other every day.

So… what?? Is this a story?

Wait.. let me tell you it’s not a love marriage… they are in love after marriage. Sometimes I wonder how can people decide and then fall in love? Isn’t love a thing that just happens? You never know with whom will you fall in love and how? But when I see them I believe “Marriages are made in heaven.”

But their case is as ordinary as other 1000 cases. They married for the sake of their parents wish; They did things for each other for the sake of doing things because they were supposed to do things that way and not because they loved each other. She cooked food for him and his family, Took care of him and in return he behaved nicely, sweetly to her. Slowly he became addicted to her. Earlier he got up from the bed with the sound of the Alarm… but that day…

He woke up from his sleep, thinking its yet time to get up from the bed he again went to sleep, but could not sleep nor could he get up. He waited for her to come. He wanted to start the day hearing her voice, so he lie there awake staring at the ceiling, waiting for her. Casually he took his mobile and unlocked it… look at this.!! it is showing 8:30 Am. How is that possible? She comes and wakes me up at 7:30 Am? I’m going to be late for work today he thought to himself.

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