Night Visitors (Alien Abduction)

By: Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

Sam and Brenda Matthews were old and eccentric that lived deep in the farm hills of West Haven. They didn't watch much TV or believe that there was life outside of our universe that may come to pay the earth a visit. All that was about to change when Sam and Brenda were returning home from vacation on a beautiful nightly lit sky with a full moon shining down on the road. As Brenda was gazing at the moon and stars a beam of light shown down on the Matthews car, blinding them both which caused their vehicle to drive off the road. Then all of a sudden the Matthews vanished from their vehicle. The Matthews were returned to their vehicle which only felt like a minute to them both, but in reality they were missing for three hours. The Matthews had no recollection of what just happened, but Brenda remembered her watch said ten pm. Her watch now said one am.

Brenda said "Sam, I know my watch said ten pm not one am."

"Are you sure?" asked Sam.

"Yes! I'm sure," replied Brenda.

They both looked at each other in amazement, but just thought it was because of the long drive and they were both tired, so Sam just drove on. It wasn't long before the Matthews were having nightmares of being abducted by aliens and being experimented on. A friend of the Matthews suggested they both go under hypnosis to find out if it was all just a dream. While they both were under hypnosis both had similar recollections of what happened that night. Brenda told the hypnotherapist, "I watched as two grey aliens put a probe inside my husband’s body as he was screaming out in excruciating pain and calling my name, but there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't move my body even if I wanted too. Tears just ran down the sides of my cheeks and I screamed out at the aliens saying what are you doing to my husband? The aliens just glanced over for a moment and then proceeded with their experiment with no feeling at all. I did notice a small metal object being put inside my husband’s arm and that's all I recall. Apparently, I blacked out then found myself back in the car with Sam at the wheel driving us home."

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