Voodoo Doll

By: Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

Dr. Phillips was an archaeologist that had a hunger for finding the big one. Meaning a dig that would put him in history books, but Dr. Phillips wasn't a very patient man and if anyone got in his way of finding something worth celebrating they were a dead man.

One night while Dr. Phillips was reading his newspaper and smoking his pipe he came across an interesting article that said there was a dig deep in the jungles of Africa, but no one has been able to recover the artifacts only to die trying.

Being that Dr. Phillips ego and temper was so big he wasn't afraid of anything, knowing that if he were to bring ancient artifacts back to the U.S., he would get his wish of being famous and in history books.

So, Dr. Phillips chartered a plane and brought two of his closest colleagues along with him, Dr. Reeves and Dr. Smith. Dr. Phillips only brought his colleges along in case they were to discover the artifacts first only to be shot in the back and left in the jungle for the wild animals to have a feast on. Dr. Phillips and his colleagues arrived late afternoon at the dig site just to survey the area before the dig in the morning. Dr. Phillips could hardly sleep that night knowing in the morning the dig would begin and hopefully not take a week to find the ancient artifacts that would bring fame and fortune his way. Dr. Phillips paced back and forth outside the tent and decided to load his pistol and make sure he had enough ammo on him to stop anyone that got in his way.

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