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Milked by Force 4

Human Cow Auction

By Cherry Dare

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Cherry Dare

All Rights Reserved

Carly was startled awake in her stall by the sound of a car horn. For a moment, she was disoriented, wondering why she was lying naked on a bed of straw.

Then she remembered how Lindstrom Lactation Laboratories had paid her a thousand dollars to become their property for a week, allowing them to milk the gigantic and incredibly sensitive breasts given to her by their special formula, Milkdown X.

It was her fourth day as a human cow. With a shiver of mingled apprehension and arousal, she wondered what the lactation lab would do to her today.

The wooden door of her stall opened. Her chief tormentors— and givers of unbelievable sexual pleasure— stood in the doorway. The sadistic Nurse Arnfelt and the cold Dr. Lindstrom looked her up and down.

“Get up, cow,” said the nurse. “You’re going to the cattle fair!”

Carly stared at them, baffled. Was the nurse having a cruel joke at her expense?

The doctor nodded. “We are so impressed with your lactation that we’ve decided to use you to publicize Lindstrom Lactation Laboratories… and our patented formula, Milkdown X. So we’re taking you to the fair!”

Carly was dying to ask questions, but Nurse Arnfelt raised her cattle prod threateningly. As a human cow, Carly was not allowed to speak.

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