Streets Paved with Gold

Book 1

By Clive Cooke


Published by Clive Cooke at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Clive Cooke


Cover Design by Laura Shinn


Johannesburg, the city of gold! The streets, so it was believed, were paved with gold. Millions of people flocked to the city every year looking for work. This story is set about fifty years ago when legal restrictions placed on migration to the cities caused untold hardships for many. The foreign words used in the text are translated into English as follows: Lobola (Zulu) the bridegroom’s gift to the bride’s father; Hamba (Zulu) to go, get lost (impolite); Inyanga (Zulu) herbalist, traditional healer; Tsotsi (Zulu) gangster, criminal; Mealies (Afrik.) maize, corn; Dagga (Afrik.) marijuana, cannabis.


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A Day in the Life

Simon Mhlangu shifted in his seat. As much as he tried, he simply could not make himself comfortable. The seats were hard and there was not much leg room and the large woman sitting next to him took up more than her fair share. She was using his shoulder as a pillow as if it were hers by right. He could feel the warmth of her body through her thin coat. Her heavy breathing told him she was fast asleep. He wished he could sleep too. Their intimacy was like a marriage, but a marriage only lasting the length of the bus ride. He examined her face; the row of tiny moles below her left eye, the shape of her nose, the plaited hair. If she had been awake, he would never have been so rude as to stare. But, the normal rules of politeness did not apply to a temporary marriage.

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