Breeding Betty

Leandra J. Piper

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 by Leandra J. Piper

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used without the express written permission of the author or publisher for any purposes, except brief quotations in critical articles or reviews.

Betty set the paper aside, sighing to herself. It was getting past six o'clock and it was looking like she'd be here an hour more still. The worst part was that this wasn't even part of her job, really-- everyone else just stuck their extra paperwork on her. They had to go pick up their kids, or make dinner for the family or whatever, and of course Betty was just too nice to say no. After all, she didn't have a family, she didn't even have a boyfriend. And it didn't seem likely she was going to get one at this rate, either. At least the extra hours were good, but there'd been talk around the office that they'd be cutting down on overtime for budget reasons.

Of course, the worst part was that the light in the boss' office was still on, and Betty hadn't seen him leave yet. Mr. Cunningham (never a first name with him) was awfully strict sometimes, demanding a level of work that only piled onto the hours Betty had to work in order to cover for everyone else. He'd come on a few months ago as part of a hostile takeover, given the task of 'cutting costs'. Most of the people left in the office had survived the original reduction in staff, but there were always threats of more lay-offs, or worse, the whole department getting shut down. Any sort of flaw in anyone in the office got seized on. Except, apparently, for pawning work off on Betty. But she could hardly bring herself to rat anyone out, either. With the way the job market had been lately, neither she or anyone else in the office would be able to find another job for a long time if anyone lost this one.

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