Lew Dabb's Untold Stories


Lew Dabb always wanted to see his stories in print in the public domain, but passed away before that could become a reality. The only changes I've made to these stories is the occasional grammatical and punctuation repairs that were needed. The adventures told here were his own.

Most of these stories are taken from a collection of stories Lew compiled as ‘Untold Stories.’ The final story was found among the rest of the writings Lew left in his computer (If he wrote more fiction it is lost in the world of ones and zeros). The collection here even contains the transition from his stories of the past to his stories in the present (see Plateau Magic). He lived in both worlds as the following character sketch indicates.

Space Age Blacksmith

Bill Hades made notes on his clipboard. Unlike most clipboards, this one had a digital display in the upper right corner, and its electronic clock was ticking off decimal hours. The crew he watched was bolting precision machined, segmented handling rings onto the skirt of a Space Shuttle Booster Motor.

Bill watched intently as he lifted the yellow hot iron from the forge. The metal reacted like putty under his hammer as he formed it into a ring on the beak of the anvil.

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