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In the Mouth of the Bear

Ewan Alexander Lawrie

Copyright Ewan Alexander Lawrie 2010

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Four Word Foreword

This could be true.

In the Mouth of the Bear

Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf

Kanstrasse, Ku'dorf

The usual places could be chanted like a children's learning rhyme.

Pink and garish neon, mulberry-stained dawns and drink. So much drink. And, naturally, all artificial light was obscured by dense and pungent tobacco smoke. Unwise liaisons, broken hearts - on both sides of the cultural divide. We wore our rebellion as a uniform, before donning the real thing to go to work.

The best of times? Maybe… And the worst? Maybe that too...

The City of the Bear: two cities in one, Siamese twins conjoined at the heart by concrete and watchtowers. Yin - the grey capital of a corrupt and dying regime, Yang - the glitzy whore’s heart of mostly upbeat –isms; capitalism, hedonism and dubious sexual tourism. One year to go to Orwell’s dystopian vision; who knew it would turn out like this? In six short years all the certainties of the Cold War would start to crumble: they’d applied the Domino Theory to the wrong game.

How exciting! You say. City of spies, escapes and drama. Did you know? Could you tell the twilight was coming? And the answer is no, how could I? It was all numbers and databases, trends, peaks and troughs: statistics, not dead-letter drops, honey traps and exchanges of spies on neutral ground. And we were young, early 20s or younger – interested in birds, bands and booze; pockets full of money. Deliberately overpaid to help us flout our conspicuous consumption in front of the Soviets and the fuming Ostberliners: Propagandist Party Animals.

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