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Kill Me Dead or I'll Be Back!

By: Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

We've all heard this line before. "You better kill me dead, if you don't, I'll be back."

That's exactly what Tim said to these men that were terrorizing the town he was raised in.

These three brothers Dave, Tom and Jack were the most hated in the town of Hattiesfield.

Somehow these brothers didn't have anything better to do like have a job. They were always drinking heavily and getting into fights with the men in town because they would flirt with their women and carry it just a little too far.

One day when Tim was driving home a car pulled up right beside him and one of the men rolled down his passenger side window and said "Hey Tim do you want a race?"

Tim replied "Not interested."

"Are you chicken?" asked Jack, one of the passengers in Tom’s car.

"No! Why don't you guys leave me alone!" exclaimed Tim.

The men started laughing and calling Tim chicken.

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