Sweet Treats

A Collection of Erotic Short Stories to follow Cristal Blue

Copyright 2013 Suzy Ayers

Smashwords Edition


“Fucking Blue!” She cursed, as her coworker left with the only hot guy she’d probably see all night. She jabbed her purse into the back of the bar. My boyfriend, well on again, off again boyfriend-was off again. For real this time. Jerk! Didn’t get me shit and I waited around for him. I finally called him and he said he had to work a double. Figures.

Keith is a cop. One with a very big cock that’s for sure. Crap, I’m doing it again. She pulled the pencil out of her mouth riddled with teeth marks.

“Hey baby.” A deep voice reverberated up her spine, as the cold nights chill ran straight up her short legs. She never wore underwear and she was instantly moistened at the apex of her thighs at the sound of that familiar voice. “How’s my vanilla cream pie?”

“Wishing I had dark chocolate…” she turned around and he pulled out a pink heart shaped box with a dozen pink roses from behind his back. “Feeling guilty I see.” She crossed her arms which pushed her double D’s out further and her arms all but disappeared beneath them.

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