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A Hell Hound’s Fire

Siobhan Muir


Why is this book free? Simple. Not many like to buy a book from an author they don’t know. Why take the chance it won’t be good when money is tight? So here’s your opportunity to try my writing. And if you already know my writing, you get a little more to enjoy in gratitude for taking that chance.

Thanks to Cara Michaels for reading over this story, twice, looking for typos and inconsistencies. Thanks to Lanya Ross for reading the longer version of this tale to check for logic. It’s good to have a scientist peer review your work. Thanks also to Natascha Jaffa from SPJ Editing for catching my repeated words and last little punctuation issues. I still can't get that darn em-dash.

A Hell Hound’s Fire

By Siobhan Muir

Copyright © 2013 M.E. Varhalmi

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