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A Doll’s Life, Kimberly Morin

Copyright Kimberly Morin 11-15-2010 Smashwords Edition

Heather was born on the 17 of June 1980. A beautiful baby girl was she, born into a loving family. With her big blue eyes and hair of gold, a magical life will now unfold. Heather was a special girl for her mystical ways might change the world. A peaceful child and never a cry, she just takes it all in with a twinkly in her eye. As her parents cradle her and rock her to sleep, they talk to her softly and then kiss her cheek.

As the days went by Heather grew, how fast time goes for now she is two. Unlike the other children her age, Heather was different in her own special way. Quiet and reserved yet sweet and very kind, this child was a gift to all with an aura that truly shined. Heather was very gifted yet no one knew but her, keep reading this story to find out what’s in store.

Heather had a passion for baby dolls and every year she would wish that she could have one of her own. This dream of hers would come one day, she knew it would in a magical way. She had a feeling the time was coming near, for Heather’s seventh birthday was really very near. The night before her birthday she made one final wish, “this baby doll is all I want for I so dream of this.” To sleep she went and through the night she held onto her dream so tight. Morning came and as she woke she went downstairs to have a look. Breakfast was on the table but no family in sight, and then around the corner a big birthday surprise. “Happy Birthday,” her parents cheered and then they handed her a box. “Open it,” they said not knowing this was her dream, for she had never told them but only in her sleep. As Heather unwrapped the box she could hardly wait, her dream had finally come true oh what a happy day!

On Heather’s seventh birthday her parents’ gift to her, was a beautiful baby doll that looked a lot like her. Heather took the baby and cradled it in her arms for she was overwhelmed with joy. “This is the best birthday ever,” she told her parents. Heather took her new baby doll up to her room and began talking to it as if it was real. Heather’s magical voice and mystical ways had brought this baby doll to life! Although Heather knew that no one else could see her baby doll come to life, she still treated the doll as if it was real and took it everywhere she went. She named this baby Jenny who became heather’s new best friend. Heather’s bedroom was the only place where she could truly bring Jenny to life in her own way. In her room she made Jenny a little bed and every night Heather would tell Jenny stories as they both would drift off to sleep. Heather was always excited to tell Jenny new things and share stories of her days at school. Going to school was really the only time that Heather and Jenny were apart. Heather was always more mature than the other children her age. Her imagination gave her wings to fly and she was always happy no matter what. Life was beautiful to Heather and she enjoyed each and everyday especially when she was with Jenny.

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