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By Alexi Paulina

New Beyond the Light

New Beyond the Sky

New Beyond It All

Q3: Quips, Quotes & Quirks

Leaving the Lake (a Novella)

From the Ashes (a Novel)

Creating From the Inside Out

Health Liberation

Streamlining With Style



I have a habit of coming up with pithy one-liners and potentially profound pronouncements and recording them for future use. My collection of random remarks has proliferated alarmingly, to the point that I would not be able to find a place for all of them in my published works. I created this little book to share these ideas for the amusement and illumination of others.

All entries in this book are original creations; I did not read or hear them from other sources prior to authoring them. A number of the insights I documented years ago now seem obvious to me, but they weren't so apparent when I first wrote them. Some of these ideas may have been expressed by others in similar ways, but they came to me "purely."

Read this book with a light heart, an open mind, and an active sense of humor. Some things I've written may be off-putting to certain people and confusing to others. This is not my intention, but neither is it my intention to limit myself to someone else's idea of what is acceptable.

It is my wish that this book bring you moments of wonder, joy, and laughter.


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