For King and Country

Published by Oliver Ma at Smashwords

To my parents, who helped me walk the first steps of creative writing, and to Dr.Robert Bowman, who gave me endless suggestions and inspirations, and proof read my work without pay, simply because of the goodness in his heart.


I sat on the furnished throne that my father sat on for the last time almost 20 years ago, my hands grasping the same golden hand rests that my father grasped in frustration many times during his reign. The warm knobs connected me back to my father, who was executed 11 years ago. I held on tightly, not letting go, letting memories of my father flood my head. How close I had come to never being able to sit on this throne! The years in exile that I endured had been painful and harsh, yet I cannot help but look back at the period of anarchy in England with a certain fondness.

A petty merchant bowed in front of me, stuttering while he begged for the royal pardon. I stared at his drooping grey robes, his shivering, rotund form, smiling as I moved my finger back and forth across my face. A movement in one direction or the other spells the fate of all England. These rough, callused fingers, though originally meant for the throne, are used to hard work; they now command almost as much power as my father once commanded……almost…….for I kept Parliament.

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